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Our Story



Elpida Sciences is a specialist clinical trials company founded by a team of like-minded and passionate professionals to study breakthrough medical treatments and help bring them safely to market to offer patients hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Elpida (which is the Greek word for Hope) offers something new and different in its approach to clinical trials. Under the leadership of a multi-disciplinary passionate and cohesive team, the company has created a patient-centred, holistic and altruistic approach to later phase testing, which not only delivers a better experience for volunteers, but it also ensures better quality findings for its pharmaceutical clients.


Specialising in Phase II and III trials, Elpida Sciences studies are ethically approved and fully regulated, and put patients at the heart of it all to deliver unrivalled results.

Based in North West at a brand new bespoke, state-of-the-art site practice centre, Elpida Sciences is located close to local transport links. You can find a map to the centre on our contact page.

Our Vision and Values



Our vision is to help find novel treatments and therapies for existing conditions and illnesses, to create a better, brighter future for all.


Clinical trials are the gateway through which all future medicines must pass if they are to be approved for use. At Elpida Sciences, we are proud to be part of the process which can ultimately improve a patient’s quality of life and maybe even give them hope for a cure.


Elpida means Hope, but it also embodies our values:


  • We strive for Excellence in the care and support we provide our patient volunteers;

  • We have a strong Leadership team, focused on making a difference;

  • We are Passionate about what we do – we all love our jobs;

  • Industry standards are met and surpassed. You are in safe, capable hands with us;

  • We Deliver high quality results through our patient-centric approach;

  • Our trials are fully Approved by the regulatory authorities for your peace of mind.





Vision & Values
Our Story

The Team

Here at Elpida Sciences, we have assembled an experienced team of like-minded professionals to lead our clinical studies and care for our patient volunteers. Everyone in the team enjoys what they do, they work hard and they are committed to getting the best outcomes for both our patients and our clients.


Dr. Susannah Eyre

Medical Director

Senior Research Physician


“Clinical trials are essential to the advancement of medicine

and patient care. I feel honoured to be a part of this cutting-edge area of medicine as it is only through patient participation in clinical trials that we can make advances in drug therapy.”

After qualifying as a doctor from Liverpool University in 2002,

I have worked in a wide variety of hospital specialities. This varied start to my career enabled me to develop the extensive medical experience I needed to go into work as a GP.

In 2012, I made the move into clinical research and since then I have worked on over 40 clinical trials and have been the Principal Investigator/Lead Doctor for 25 clinical trials.

My experience to date includes clinical trials in dermatology, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, migraine, vaccines, GMO1 and COVID19 vaccines, NAFLD/ NASH, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, smoking cessation and ostomy care.

At Elpida Sciences, I am the Senior Research Physician and the Medical Director/ Principal Investigator in charge of clinical trials.


Maria Butler

Senior Research Nurse

(Registered General Nurse/

Registered Sick Children’s Nurse)

“My motto is ‘only the best is good enough’ because I am always striving to be the best nurse I can be and to do the best for my patients - without them, we couldn’t run  clinical trials.”

I have been a clinical research nurse for 13 years and have been involved in studies across various therapeutic areas. I enjoy being part of an industry which can lead to the development of new treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.

My clinical trial expertise includes studies for diabetes, COPD, CVD and Psoriasis, and I was also involved in the Novavax Covid 19 vaccine, which is now being used in the fight against the pandemic.

At Elpida Sciences, I am responsible for the welfare of our patients from their first visit right up to the conclusion of the trial. I perform the study visits, dispense any investigational drugs and explain how/when to take them along with all the potential benefits.

My aim is to ensure our patients realise their importance to the trial and ensure they have a good experience with us.

Dr Balgit Chhokar

Medical Director


“In these uncertain times, we must all strive for a better tomorrow. Clinical trials offer a path to improve treatments for new and existing conditions and illnesses, but without volunteer patients, innovation is impossible.”

After qualifying as a doctor from Glasgow University in 2002,

I trained in various specialities then moved into general practice. Later, I spent a year working onboard a cruise ship as a medical officer before starting work in my first clinical trial in 2012.


Initially, I worked in an early phase quarantine unit, working with live respiratory viruses and treatments, before moving into later phase testing in 2015. I have participated in more than 50 trials and been the Principal Investigator in 20 of those, as well as a National Chief Investigator. My trial experience covers a variety of areas including respiratory, endocrinology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, dermatology, neurological, immunological and nutritional studies.

In my role as Medical Director and Principal Investigator at Elpida Sciences, I oversee all the clinical trials at the centre to ensure we deliver high quality results for our clients and give our patients a positive experience of working with us.

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